Location Makkum

NVS entree

Makkum is the main location of the Dutch Violin Building School. Weekly classes, summer courses and construction weekends take place here. The building at the market place has two rooms equipped with everything the would-be violin maker could wish for: workbenches, a huge range of hand tools, the most essential power tools and a wealth of information and inspiration.

Joint lunch

Coffee and tea breaks are in the workshop, lunch is enjoyed at Dirk Jacob Hamoen’s home (a 3-minute walk from the workshop) where everyone regularly brings a – preferably local – contribution for this meal.

Building layout

The classrooms of the schools are roughly divided into instrument making and bow making. The largest room – that of the instrument making – has a separate, lockable upper space for painting and drying of the instruments. There is also an extension where the electrical equipment is located including a band saw and a drill press. If there are no bow making lessons, the smaller room is also used for instrument making lessons.