Violin Making training

Violin maker training

The violin school has a course that trains students to become assistant violin makers.


The programme of study has a scope of about 900 hours. The programme can be completed in 1 year for three days a week (full-time) or flexibly part-time over several years. During the programme, the student builds 2 instruments, starting with a violin. The second instrument is chosen in consultation with the school.
The total programme has three trimesters of about 300 hours each.


In principle, the course is open to any student interested in building string instruments. Minimum age 18 years.
The following characteristics and/or skills are recommended: good eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness, experience working with (hand) tools, conscientiousness, patience, love of music, some experience playing a string instrument is recommended, drawing skills.


The finished instruments are assessed on the basis of the attainment targets and the test criteria described for each part of the construction process (7 pieces). The independence and craftsmanship shown by the student during the construction process as well as the pace of work are taken into account.

The certificate will be awarded if:

  • the final piece of work, violin (2) in white, was assessed with a passing grade;
  • the final piece of work, finishing and varnishing of instrument 1, has been assessed with a pass.


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