Restoring a String Instrument

Restoring a String Instrument

String instruments need maintenance. Putting new strings on and repositioning the bridge is the most common. Sometimes, however, if you haven't had a violin case open for a while more maintenance is needed. If you have one of these restorations and you seem to enjoy restoring it yourself, come to violin building school.


Together with the teachers Dirk Jacob and Rob, the instrument is subjected to a thorough inspection and a restoration plan is drawn up. Sometimes it is not too bad and polishing the fingerboard and a major cleaning is sufficient. But, cracks in the top, bushing of the tuning peg holes or touching up the varnish also occurs regularly.

What should you be able to do?

Some woodworking experience is of course nice, but not necessary. However, it is important that you can work precisely and meticulously, that you have perseverance and patience.


You can come restore with us on different days. Throughout the year the school is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays. There are 10-12 weekends a year and in the summer we organize 3 inspiring and violin making weeks.