Anniversary Dutch Violin Making School

December 27, 2019

A festive afternoon on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Dutch Violin Building School. This was the first time the school exhibited at a large scale. It was a party, as well as an experiment, and we found it exciting. What did the musicians, and especially the audience, think of our instruments? It was up to them that afternoon to experience whether the resounding results of our approach made it a successful experiment.

It all started when Frans Nijman and Trudeke Biermasz gently encouraged us to publicize this anniversary with a concert. We went for it because of their insistence and help with applying for grants. Once the game was on, more and more students from the school started helping out with all kinds of things. We therefore had a beautiful, intensive time together. Thanks also to the brand-new board of the Van Donia Church, which enthusiastically helped to make this afternoon possible.

Jubileum Nederlandse Vioolbouwschool – (met dank aan Freya Fotografie)