Weekly courses

Class days and times

Throughout the year classes are held in Makkum on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the week.
The lessons on Tuesday are reserved for the starting students.
Start: 9 a.m.
End: 5 pm
Lunch break: 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm

From 01-01-2022, the school year is divided into trimesters of 13 weeks each. In each trimester, 4 weekends are organized, 3 building weekends and 1 theme weekend (stick building or sharpening, often in combination with building).

  • Trimester 1 runs from September (week 37) to November (week 49)
  • Trimester 2 runs from December (week 50) to mid-March (week 11) (Christmas break includes)
  • Trimester 3 runs from mid-March (week 12) to mid-June (week 24)


The number of participants per day is from 01-01-22 limited to 12, to give each builder sufficient time and attention. On Tuesday (starter class) the maximum number is 6.
You can register by filling in the subscription form.  Admission takes place in the order of registration.

Students can attend on a fixed day every week. Builders with irregular participation options can also come and build an instrument.

Lesson cards and costs

The school works from 01-01-2022 with an arrangement system in which the student commits himself at the start of a trimester for the lessons taken. More information in the student regulations. Rates can be found on the rate list


It is of course always possible that an agreed lesson has to be cancelled: you are sick or something comes up. Report this as soon as possible by e-mail.
For all registrations, the fees paid will not be refunded in case of absence. In exceptional cases, a request for restitution can be submitted to the board of the foundation.
Mutual exchange is allowed, but must always be reported to info@nederlandsevioolbouwschool.nl.
However, the school does not mediate.


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