Course weeks

Stringed instrument or bow

We organize different course weeks, all of which are held in Makkum. It is possible to make a bowed instrument or a bow. The weeks are open to all levels, from absolute beginners to builders with a lot of experience. Until recently, all course weeks took place in the summer. Due to the great success, a Winter Course Week Light has been added from 2021.

A violin, viola, gamba or any other string instrument

Beginners start making of the inner and in doing so initiated. By the time you have the blocks on the mould, you will have gained a lot of experience with tools and marking equipment. The Dutch Violin Building School has tools to borrow for beginners. More advanced students work on their own projects at their own level. They are expected to bring their own tools, because the workshop does not house tools for so many builders. For them, it is all about the details: sharpening tools really well, clear marking out, getting to know alternative methods, the differences between German and Italian violin making, etc.


The Thursday evening of the summer week is traditionally devoted to “voicing”, influencing sound and playing characteristic. After all, where our handcraft ends, the real life of the violin begins in the hands of the player. Especially for the newbies it is interesting to see what can be done with the sound after all the building work. And how simple it actually is.

Course Week Light – instrument making

Interest in course weeks is steadily increasing, which is good for the school. In order to avoid disappointment we have introduced the Course Week Light. “Light” means, without a communal hot lunch, no overnight options organized by the school, max. 6 participants and the staff consists of Dirk Jacob Hamoen only without assistance and a little shorter than the other weeks.

Course Week – bow making

Anyone who is making his first bow is encourage to mak a baroque bow (violin, cello or bass) complete with clip-in frog. It has turned out that making a classic stick is too ambitious for a beginner.
In the second year you can choose to make a classic slipper plus button, or a classic rod made of pernambuco, satinwood, acacia, etc. In the third year you complete the classic stick. Classic means with a minimum of silverware. The stick is otherwise all-round in a musical sense.

A week is too short for most students to complete a stick. To keep the progress in your project, we offer weekends during the year, during which you can continue to work on a stick or slipper.

For the dates, scroll down or check the agenda of the website.

Teachers and guest lecturers

Dirk Jacob Hamoen

Violin maker, violin making teacher, musicologist and founder of the Dutch Violin Making School. Finishes his violins on sound, which gives them a particularly high quality.

Rob Stemerding

Much appreciated assistant to Dirk Jacob, technical jack-of-all-trades who comes up with unexpectedly good solutions, unhindered by violin-making tunnel vision.

Eitan Hoffer

Bow maker and musician. Studied baroque violin at the conservatory in Utrecht, returned to Israel after his studies where he plays in various orchestras. His bows are now receiving international acclaim. He finishes his bows according to style, tone, articulation, etc. The result is always a bow that “works”.

André Klaassen

Bow maker and old friend of Dirk Jacob Hamoen. With a long and successful career as a stick builder, he is, among other things, the master of the simple, yet highly efficient trick and ditto auxiliary tools.

General information

  • Level: beginner to professional
  • Participants: max. 12 per week (6 in “light” week)
  • Location: de Dutch Violin Making School, Markt 17, Makkum Netherlands
  • In case of summer courses, please make reservations before june 1st, 2021
  • There is a limited number of sleeping places available. There are various B&Bs within walking or cycling distance of the workshop. There are also good camping possibilities in the immediate vicinity.


  • Courses:
    • € 400,- for regular instrument and bow making weeks
    • € 310,- for light weeks
  • Coffie, tea and 1x diner on thursday: € 25,-
  • 6x extended lunch: € 90,-
  • bed and breakfast (limited availability): €22,50 per night

Dates 2021

  • Zomer Vioolbouw Week “light”: woensdag 16 juni t/m zondag 20 juni, o.l.v. Dirk Jacob Hamoen
  • Stokkenbouw Week : donderdag 5 augustus t/m dinsdag 10 augustus, o.l.v. Eitan Hoffer, André Klaassen, Rob Stemerding en Dirk Jacob Hamoen
  • Vioolbouw Week I: zondag 15 augustus t/m vrijdag 20 augustus, o.l.v. Dirk Jacob Hamoen en Rob Stemerding
  • Vioolbouw Week II: zondag 22 augustus t/m vrijdag 27 augustus, o.l.v. Dirk Jacob Hamoen en Rob Stemerding


In case of cancellations we adhere to the following rules

  1. ultimately 6 weken for beginning of the course, we refund the total fee minus €25,00 administration costs;
  2. later reservation are not eligable for refunds unless there is somebody on the waiting list to fill the gap, or if you find someone yourself